Starting the ketogenic diet can be an important step in your weight loss or overall health goals. It’s no secret that the keto diet has many health benefits from simply shedding some unwanted body fat to regulating blood sugar and everything in between. However, all good things come at a price, and one of the initial costs for everything the keto diet offers could be the risk of electrolyte imbalances. However, with careful planning and the right information, you can make your body’s transition into ketosis a smoother one.

Why I Almost Quit Keto

How To Get Electrolytes On Keto
Keto Flu Got You Down? Read On!

When I was first starting out with Keto, I almost quit because I was feeling lightheaded, lethargic, and just overall lousy. Little did I know that lack of electrolytes in my system was the probable culprit. Low energy levels and lightheaded feelings can be cured by getting enough electrolytes during a keto or low carb diet!

What Is The “Keto Flu”?

During the transitional phase of the body going from glucose-powered on a standard American diet into a fat-adapted ketogenic diet where your body is powered by ketones, many people experience a phenomenon known as “keto flu”. This is what I was suffering from, and no I was not seeking out additional electrolytes through simple powders or supplements because I was simply unaware that this could be a remedy for the keto flu.

Suffering from the “keto flu” is NOT FUN. Having a case of the keto flu can even dissuade many from continuing on a low carb lifestyle. There are many ways to mitigate the effects of the keto flu, and the main way is getting electrolytes. By the end of this article, you may even be able to avoid the keto flu altogether, so keep reading!

Important Electrolytes You Need On The Keto Diet


How To Get Electrolytes On Keto
Well, We Can’t Eat Some Of These On Keto, But Others Are Beneficial!

The first important mineral to watch out for in the keto diet is potassium. The body needs potassium to keep you alive. Potassium is vital for your heart to beat normally; however, the body also uses it to maintain healthy blood pressure, retain the water you drink, and to help your nerves function. It may be difficult to get enough potassium during your keto diet so try and include foods rich in potassium like dried fruits, avocados, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.


How To Get Electrolytes On Keto

Another mineral that your body needs to stay healthy that you may be missing in your keto diet is sodium. No, not that salt on your table, dietary sodium. Sodium is the main electrolyte in your extracellular fluid and plays an important role in keeping you hydrated. It also helps your body transmit signals from your brain to your muscles so that you can move. Without salt in your diet, your body will get rid of all the water you just drank. If you want to avoid this try adding some sodium in your diet by sipping broths, having a snack of canned vegetables, or even adding a little salt to some of your meals.


Look At All Those Magnesium-Rich Beauties!

The final mineral you may not realize your diet is lacking in is magnesium. Your body needs magnesium to keep your immune system health, maintain normal heart rhythm, and to keep your muscles and bones strong. It is recommended that you consume at least 500mg of magnesium every day to help support your body. You can do this by adding leafy green vegetables to your diet and nuts.

Making Sure You Get Your Electrolytes On Keto

Many people find that the easiest way to get electrolytes is through supplements or drinks such as electrolyte water. Propel Water is a popular choice for beginners. It is basically water with some added electrolytes. You will get some benefit from using Propel, but if you want maximum benefits, you need to use a supplement that has more vital electrolytes.

The BEST way to get electrolytes on keto and avoid the dreaded keto flu is to use a supplement that has a large amount of potassium, sodium, and magnesium. I have found the perfect supplement and it works great for me. This supplement is Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder.

How To Get Electrolytes On Keto

This amazing supplement was developed by keto enthusiast, Dr. Berg. He focuses on the importance of potassium, and his supplement will ensure that you get plenty of it. This is one electrolyte that is tough to get enough of on the ketogenic diet. Dr. Berg explains why this is in his video:

Keep Going And Don’t Give Up!

Never Give Up!

Don’t let the possibility of the keto flu scare you off from following through with one of the more popular diets out there today. Consuming a healthy number of electrolytes and staying hydrated will help your body transition into a state of ketosis where you’ll be set to reap the benefits that the keto diet has to offer! 


  1. If you’re feeling tired and dizzy , there’re various possibilities. You may be dehydrated, or have a cold, … light -headedness, or a brief loss of consciousness.

    • It’s true! What I found is that getting enough sleep is very important. The next option would be getting enough electrolytes and water throughout the day.