How to Lose Weight and Still Drink BeerThe dreaded beer belly is a cruel consequence for a beer drinker, but is beer the number one contributing factor to belly fat? I love to drink beer of all kinds including the higher calorie craft beers. I still am fit and have some ab action going on, so there is definitely hope for the beer lovers who want to lose weight.

In the following article, I’ll give you a foolproof method of how to lose weight and still drink beer because I am a strong believer that you should not sacrifice enjoyment to live a healthy life. Happiness is a big factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle! So go ahead and pour a cold one as I renew your hope with these facts about beer and losing weight.

Beer Reduces Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack

What’s the biggest cause of death in the USA today? A heart attack caused by heart disease. This is usually due to years of poor eating choices of processed foods and straight up junk foods.

If you’re going to choose some “empty calories”, a better choice will be beer! Although on the surface, beer has no macro or micronutrient benefit, there are plenty of underlying health boosts that beer provides.

How to Lose Weight and Still Drink BeerConsumed in moderation, beer reduces your risk of a heart attack by 40 to 60 percent compared with non-beer drinkers. So there is a certain benefit for your cardiovascular health when you drink a beer or two. Additionally, blood pressure is lower in people who drink moderate amounts of beer.

This probably has a lot to do with beer’s stress and anxiety relief properties. Studies show that up to 2 beers consumed every day will help to reduce anxiety and make you more care-free and that’s how simple it is to reduce your chance of having a heart attack.

Keep in mind that too much alcohol can actually increase the risk of having a heart attack so try and limit your daily intake to 3 beers or less a day.

Beer Doesn’t Make You Fat – The Drunk Munchies Do!

Exactly. If you can eliminate all risks of giving into the temptation of drunk munchies after drinking, then you’re golden! That means you need to eliminate all cookies, chips, and any processed crap that you tend to stay up snacking on after drinking.

How to Lose Weight and Still Drink BeerThe best way to do this is to have a more natural diet of things from the Earth. Guess what, grains and hops are from the Earth! The next time you go to the grocery store, focus on buying only natural foods. Try to spend more time in the produce section and less time in the frozen meals area.

Your reward for eating healthy? How about a beer (or two)!?

Seriously, I lost weight while drinking 2 craft beers every night. I just changed my diet to a lot of leafy greens, fruits, nuts and other natural things. If I do have the urge to have a late night snack, I only have healthy options like sunflower seeds and almonds in my kitchen to snack on. Eliminate the temptation of sugary junk foods and you’re on your way to weight loss.

You will be amazed at the results if you pair the healthy eating with regular exercise. Drinking a beer or two every night will not even be a concern for you, and will actually help you unwind and sleep better.

Xanthohumol – A Naturally Occurring Weight Loss Element

How to Lose Weight and Still Drink BeerXanthohumol is naturally found in the hop plant, and studies indicate that it leads to lowering of cholesterol levels, reduced risk of developing diabetes, and finally, fat reduction.

Scientists have even concluded that in the future, Xanthohumol could be used in a concentrated form to fight against obesity!

Studies have been performed on lab mice, and the mice given the highest dosage of xanthohumol cut their LDL or “bad cholesterol” by 80 percent and their insulin levels by 42 percent. Their levels of IL-6, a biomarker of inflammation, was reduced by 78 percent. The test animals were all fed the same diet and given the same amounts of food, leading them to gain weight, but weight gain was 22 percent less in the mice receiving xanthohumol in their diets.

Now I’ll drink to that! 🙂

Never a Good Idea to Binge Drink!

The one crucial stipulation to remember when trying to lose weight and still drink beer is that it is NEVER a good idea to overdo it and binge drink. Not only does this erase all the health benefits mentioned above, but it overtaxes your liver, hurts your brain, and opens up the possibility of horrible late night snacking.

How to Lose Weight and Still Drink BeerModeration is key if you want to drink beer but still lose weight. It is definitely possible, and I can verify that from firsthand experience. Just make sure your days (and nights) are pre-meditated. If you can plan out your day and nights and maintain the willpower to stick to that plan, then you will not be as likely to make a harmful choice you are going to regret.

Just try to keep your beer intake to one or two a night. Moderation merged with a healthy diet/lifestyle is your answer for how to lose weight while still drinking beer and also enjoying the health benefits of beer.

Now let’s drink to your healthy lifestyle!







  1. SOLD! You don’t need to tell me twice!
    I agree with you there, it’s the munchies that really make you gain the weight, same generally goes for other alcohols. Also yes, moderation is key, but hey we’ve all been there… when you say “Sure, i’ll just have “ONE” drink” .. (like how Dr Evil says it with the quotes” LOL

    • Haha!! 😀 Love the Dr. Evil analogy. Yeah, it’s true, but sometimes you gotta have your cake and eat it too! It’s okay to have some donuts (did you figure out my fav munchies food from the pic above? 😉 ) every once in a while and some beers (3-4) on a “crazy” day/night. A solid core principle is to NOT release the dopamine receptors too often and become addicted to these vices. Then your body will crave more and more each time!

      From just testing this out on my own, it is way more fulfilling to view a donut or a perfectly poured Guinness as a reward, and not just an everyday occurrence. That way your subconscious does not become dependent on them as a way to thrive but instead makes you work harder in order to enjoy a taste of evil in the end.

    • That’s actually the best plan of action! But for me as a guy that loves craft beer – in fact, I brew my own and everything, this is not the option I usually choose.

  2. Great news for beer lover with moderate consumption. You can take few beers and still lose your weight. If you make the right choices in your diet you don’t refuse everything you like. That sounds good. Although beer isn’t any superfood it has some positive health impact.

    There is, of course, the other side, which was well documented in this article. You have to make changes and right choices with your diet. Natural foods, foods from the earth is the solution suggested. It’s a proven solution. The most interesting and a new info for me was Xanthohumol and it’s great health impacts. There is still no shortcut to happiness in losing weight but however a little bit of hope for beer lovers.

    • Kari, you’re exactly right my friend! With a little bit of effort and willpower, you can still manage to lose weight and enjoy a couple beers daily! I am a strong advocate of eating things from the Earth, whether it be fruits & vegetables (non-GMO of course) or animals hopefully from the wild such as wild caught fish. These are the best sources of fuel for our bodies. In today’s market, there is even beer that is made with totally organic non-GMO ingredients, and these are basically giving you all the benefits mentioned in the article in the most natural unprocessed way!

      Thanks for your insight on the article, and have a beer for me. 🙂