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I still remember when I started my weight loss journey. My goal was to lose 50 pounds, and I succeeded! 🙂

My very first successful weight loss plan was by following a ketogenic diet. The first time I heard about the keto diet was about two years ago. There was a lot of buzz on Reddit about people who not only lost weight but still got to eat delicious foods! I knew I had to accept the challenge.

While traveling in Portland, Oregon, I was wandering around the charming Powell’s Books, a large bookstore in Portland. A book caught my eye. Bacon & Butter it said, and showed a picture of a mountain of bacon on the cover.

Now, who doesn’t love bacon? So, naturally, I purchased the book, not thinking much of it. Little did I know, this book would soon change my life.

The Bible of Keto Cookbooks

Bacon & Butter

Bacon & Butter very quickly became my Bible to follow on my weight loss journey. I soon was infatuated with the notion of a high-fat diet with very little carbs. It’s worth a try, right? After all, I had seen so many folks online and on Reddit and Instagram that had undergone intense body transformations, so I thought this may actually be the ticket for me to hit my weight loss goal. I was definitely onto something.

I was quickly falling in love with the “No Carb Pizza” which substitutes a crust that is comprised of cream cheese and mozzarella cheese instead of grains. This new high fat / moderate protein / low carb diet lifestyle was transforming my life. I was undergoing a paradigm shift, and soon the pounds would start coming off.

Everybody Wants Some!


People were starting to notice my fat loss. My friends, family, and co-workers were asking how I was dropping weight so quickly. I was reluctant to share the keto idea at first since it is somewhat taboo to promote bacon for the goal of weight loss. I decided to share the fun ideas that are concocted in my handy dandy “Keto Bible”.

People were baffled at how these delicious recipes could result in weight loss. I was enjoying the ketogenic creations I was coming home to experiment with. My wife and I were soon getting into cooking too! And yes, she soon adopted a low carb lifestyle after seeing how effective it was for me. 🙂

How the Ketogenic Diet Works

Keto Food

Let’s break down exactly what the ketogenic diet is and how it is effective in losing weight.

Essentially, adopting the ketogenic diet has many qualities that mimic fasting. Fasting is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself because when you restrict your body from eating, your body has no work to do digestion wise. Therefore, your body has more time to focus on what is already in your body. In this “free time” your cells will go around and eliminate any baddies like cancer cells and potential diseases or mutations.

Every time you eat, you spike insulin, but this is two or three fold when you eat sugars. That is why the keto diet focuses on NO sugar and overall low carbs, mostly coming from healthy vegetables. The reason for this is to keep your body in a state called ketosis which is when your body is in its optimal fat burning state.

Sugars are the Enemy!

Society has conditioned us to believe that low-fat diets are healthy, but that’s simply a big fat lie.

Keto Food Pyramid

Alarmingly, recent news is that the “low-fat diet” was adopted by the sugar companies and pushed heavily to get more sales. It’s quite disturbing to know that the food pyramid that many of us grew up believing was legitimate was actually just also a big advertisement for carbs for the profit of large corporations. These companies used cheap refined carbs in their foods and found a way to manipulate the masses. Everyone believed that they needed more carbohydrates.

In recent years, these things have dissolved into obscurity, but many of us remember them. The saddest thing is that many people are still skeptical about the actual value of a ketogenic diet. I can wholeheartedly attest to the health benefits, weight loss, and overall well-being since being on this diet.

Change Your Life Today

Bacon & Butter

I urge everybody to at least try this diet for a week! You might lose 3 pounds or even more, just from ONE WEEK of eating delicious keto fun foods.

Now you can get the “Keto Bible” that changed my life Bacon & Butter right here for a discounted price!

It’s an amazing life changing milestone you can take part in. You will never forget your first foray into the Ketogenic Diet with this book.

This book will change your life.

Here’s to your healthy lifestyle and weight loss!